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About us

Nature’s Gold produces chicory year round in a wide range of packaging. Annually we produce over 5 Million Kg of chicory. Our product is consumed amongst others in Belgium, South of France, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland and the USA.

At Nature’s Gold quality and continuity go for quantity. Continuity in the supply of a high quality product has ensured that we have grown in 33 years to the company that is now.

On the 1st of September 2018 we started at our second production location. Because of this this the production in Zundert can be further optimized and we can supply a wider range of packaging. In Zundert we produce chicory heads from 150 gr. and up and in Langeweg we produce chicory heads up to 150 gr.

In Zundert we focus on the supply of 5 kg packages in different boxes and crates. In Langeweg we focus on various types of small packaging: trays with stretchfoil, separate flow-packs, flow-packs on a tray, 1 kg bags, etc., etc.

Starting from season 2018-19, there are about 200 hectares of roots grown for us, on 27 plots spread across the southwest of The Netherlands, Flevoland (NL), Belgium and the north of France.

Because of the expansion in storage capacity in 2018 almost all roots can be sorted and stored on the location in Zundert. At this site we can store about 4.800 boxes (2 m³).

In Zundert we have 15 growing rooms of 224 growing containers, 1,2 m2 each There is also a spare growing room which fits 168 containers. Every room has its own basin and air controlling device to control the climate very accurately on a daily basis. In Langeweg there are 4 growing rooms, 4 rows each. Every row contains up to 87 growing containers of 1 m².

On both sites combined there are around 40 employees planting, growing, harvesting and packing.

Our sales are managed by BelOrta. BelOrta ensures the supplies to various retailers, exporters, wholesale businesses and green grocer’s shops.